Social, environmental and economic sustainability is at the heart of our work

We work with our clients to deliver energy solutions that contribute to sustainable development.

We are committed to upholding the highest environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards, as well as working with our clients to strengthen their Social License to Operate (SLO) at local and national levels.

We create long-term value for investors by identifying and managing ESG risks and opportunities.

AEMP has adopted the Equator Principles as its framework to help determine, assess and manage environmental and social risk in projects. Our extensive experience on the continent and our cultural awareness give us a deep understanding of how to operate successfully in sub-Saharan Africa. We are able to design a tailored approach to implement the Principles for individual projects.

Our partnership-based approach

In addition to a project’s economic and financial rationale, AEMP will seek to create shared value for both the client and key stakeholders by maximizing the project’s economic, social and environmental impact through:

  • Local employment and training of local workforce - projects will create direct and indirect employment opportunities, during both the construction and operating phases
  • Local purchase of goods and services will be maximised, including upskilling and empowering local professionals
  • Offering the client the opportunity to become a shareholder in the project through its foundation, employee pension scheme or other relevant structure
  • A portion of the project revenues will be invested in local social and economic projects, in alignment with the client’s social sustainability strategy. This could include improving access to electricity for social infrastructure built by the client
  • In case of a PPP with public funders, which AEMP is able to help mobilise, a project could be extended to neighbouring communities to extend its social and economic benefits
  • Projects could help stimulate the local economy and create a basis for developing renewable energy for other users in the area

Sustainability at Essakane

IAMGOLD’s Essakane project in Burkina Faso, was recently awarded the 2019 TSM Environmental Excellence Award for its contribution to addressing climate change. In ensuring a stable and reliable energy supply, the project has reduced the Essakane mine’s carbon footprint, helped the mine and its local stakeholders adapt to climate change, and involved local communities throughout the project development process to ensure the benefits of Essakane Solar are shared. This project was entirely developed, constructed and financed by AEMP and its strategic partner Total Eren.

Essakane Solar SAS was established in Burkina Faso as the project company providing power to the Essakane mine. 100% of the company’s employees are Burkina nationals, including the recently appointed GM. During the construction phase, 75 employees were hired from nearby communities and 40 employees will be permanently employed during the next 15 years of operations.

1% of project revenues are dedicated to community investment, with a special focus youth development. In addition, we have initiated the registration of the carbon credits generated by the project with the United Nations, and the proceeds of this transaction will be allocated to fund additional community projects.