AEMP delivers comprehensive energy solutions – both on-grid and entirely self-sustaining – that help increase the profitability of its mining and industrial clients, while at the same time create value for host countries and local communities.

1. Decrease your OPEX
Solar photovoltaics is the cheapest source of energy in sunny countries.
Energy contracted by PPA: no upfront cost nor CAPEX for the mine.
Fixed PPA price provides a hedge against fossil fuels/grid price volatility.
2. Improve your carbon footprint and shared value
Reduce your GHG emissions and offset the risk of future carbon taxes.
Strengthen your social licence to operate.
Produce premium low-carbon minerals thus attracting investors and reinsure consumers seeking for a responsible and greener value chain.
3. Secure your energy supply
Diversify your energy supply without any compromise on reliability.
Solution is low risk since it works as an addition to the existing power supply and minimally disrupts operations since its implementation is entirely outsourced.
Storage cost decreasing, new technologies arise. Start with a solar plant and give yourself the opportunity to further optimize your energy supply later.
Our hybrid energy solution
Our hybrid systems consist of a combination of thermal and renewable energy sources that are developed alongside each other to generate cost-efficient energy solutions, together with a significantly reduced carbon footprint.

Hybrid energy solutions generate operational cost savings by decreasing fuel and maintenance costs and also provide a hedge against future fuel increases.
Our experienced team possesses all the skills and expertise required to design and develop complex renewable energy projects.

As an independent power producer, we build and operate the power plants we develop, providing our customers with a turnkey solution based on reliable and competitive technology and innovative financial solutions. Our expertise lies in project design, procurement and project management.
Our clients benefit from our comprehensive development solutions, including:

  • Site identification and evaluation
  • Study of rural/urban constraints
  • Resource availability assessment
  • Estimation of projected energy yield
  • Cadastral survey on the development zone
  • Optimisation of site and power station layout
  • Compliance with local legislation and regulations
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Basic civil and electrical designs and grid interconnection solution
Innovative and proven technologies
Our operational teams are tasked with delivering proven technologies that best fit our clients’ projects and challenges. We focus on developing technologies that optimise sustainable use and management of natural resources.
Investing and finance
The security of a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) ensures cost control today and in the future. We give our clients peace of mind so that they can concentrate on delivery of their business objectives.

Our clients undergo minimal organisational disruption and can control costs in the present and in the future through outsourcing renewable energy supply through a PPA. AEMP raises project finance from its strong network of development focused financial institutions.

We structure the PPA to accommodate any specific requirements or constraints along the project life cycle: construction and commissioning, full production, ramp down and closure.

The implementation of a PPA allows our clients to pay utility bills monthly, in the same way as they would pay the national utility.

Our electricity production complements our client’s base load supply, reducing and ensuring reliable energy generation.

Building Africa’s renewable energy future. No upfront capital expenditure, with off- balance sheet structuring options.

As a long-term business partner for our clients, we work with only the leading global equipment suppliers and EPC contractors who have vast experience and solid track records in delivering successful energy solutions.

We offer our clients a long-term business partnership. We work with only the leading global equipment suppliers and EPC contractors who have vast experience and solid track records in delivering successful energy solutions.