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Agreement reached with IAMGOLD to build and operate a 15 MWp solar plant at Essakane Mine
Agreement reached with IAMGOLD to build and operate a 15 MWp solar plant at Essakane Mine

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About AEMP

Our project pipeline includes solar, wind, hybrid as well as hydro and gas projects at various stages of development for mining companies and other offtakers operating in Africa
AEMP is an equity investor and independent power producer. We provide turnkey, innovative energy solutions through fully-financed projects.

AEMP primarily targets private industrial and mining clients by providing projects that deliver high-quality power at competitive prices. Our strength lies in financing, developing, building and operating large scale (+10 MW) renewable and hybrid energy power plants to decrease electricity costs.

Our hybrid energy solution

Our hybrid systems consist of a combination of thermal and renewable energy sources that are developed alongside each other to generate cost efficient energy solutions, together with a reduced carbon footprint.

Hybrid energy solutions generate operational cost savings by decreasing fuel and maintenance costs and also provide a hedge against future fuel increases.
500 MW of solar projects developed
200 MW of wind projects developed
Strategic Partners
The combined experience of AEMP’s strategic partners:
EREN is a global independent power producer, that develops, builds, invests in and operates renewable energy power plants in the long-term. EREN offers readily deployable capital (600m EUR at the group level), robust in-house technical, legal and financial competences and an outstanding track record in the renewable energy sector. As such, EREN provides world-class expertise across the entire project development chain.

With 500 MW of projects in operation and under construction across the world and a pipeline of more than 1,500 GW under development, EREN positions itself as a major global stakeholder in the renewable energy sector.
DCapital is a South African black-owned investment holding company with extensive networks throughout Sub-Saharan Africa.

DCapital has over 50 years of combined private equity and investment management experience and has committed seed funding to continue developing the project pipeline.
500MW of projects in operation and under construction
1500 MW of projects under development

Benefits of partnering with AEMP

Our solutions are tailored to your business needs, in compliance with the highest international standards.

Our clients benefit from DCapital’s strategic understanding of the African investment landscape combined with our expertise in deal origination, project development, negotiation as well as project structuring and management.

AEMP’s trusted partnership with EREN, by jointly developing projects, enables us to afford our clients added value and significant advantages in project development, financing, construction and operations, including:
  • Long-term experience in the energy, investment and mining sectors across Sub-Saharan Africa
  • The ability to finance projects through a well-established network of commercial banks and development focused financial institutions
  • Optimal design of customised energy power plants to meet the client’s energy needs
  • In-house technical capacity to assess available resources and optimise projects' design
  • In-house legal expertise for PPA and EPC contracts negotiations
  • Longstanding partnerships with best-in-class international contractors, suppliers and operators
Organisational structure
AEMP’s strategic and technical expertise
Richard Duffy
Finance and Administration​

Richard has 27 years of global mining experience in Anglo American Corporation and AngloGold Ashanti (AGA)​. He was responsible for AGA’s African operations from 2008 to 2013, before becoming Group CFO, a position he held until his departure from AGA towards the end of 2014.

He attained a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Henley Management College (UK) after completing a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce at the University of Witwatersrand (SA).
Laurent Coche
Origination and Sustainability​

Laurent has gained more than two decades of development and sustainability experience in both public and private sectors across Africa. He worked for the UNDP on energy issues in East and West Africa for 12 years and was appointed Senior Vice President for ​Susainability, Africa for AngloGold from 2011 to 2013.​

Laurent holds a Master’s Degree in Development Studies attained at the University of Louvain-la-Neuve and Bachelor’s Degrees in Political Sciences and European and International Law from Sorbonne. ​
Benoit Garrivier
Development and Deal Management​

Benoit graduated from Ecole Polytechnique and holds Master’s Degrees in Finance and Stochastic Calculus from Sorbonne and Paris VI universities respectively. His 15 years of experience in Investment Banking have mainly been focused on structuring and carbon business, dealing with large utilities in Europe, China and Brazil.

Together with William Tay, Benoit established iNca Energy in 2009, through which they developed renewable energy projects totalling 330 MW of bid-ready solar PV and 80 MW of bid-ready wind projects for AEMP​.
William Tay
Deal Structuring & Management​

Having graduated from French Ecole Centrale in 1987, William has gained 20 years of investment banking experience, including designing and executing several large strategic equity transactions in Europe.

William and Benoit established iNca Energy in 2009, through which they developed renewable energy projects totalling 330 MW of bid-ready solar PV and 80 MW of bid-ready wind projects were developed for AEMP​.