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Inauguration of the largest hybrid solar-thermal PV plant in the world at Essakane gold mine, 16th March
Inauguration of the largest hybrid solar-thermal PV plant in the world at Essakane gold mine, 16th March

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Turnkey Solutions

From strategic conception to power generation, AEMP finances and operates turnkey energy solutions.

A fast growing power producer

AEMP is one of Africa’s fast growing independent power producers and equity investors.

Sustainable Technology Solutions

We secure reliable investments and sustainable technology solutions for private mining and industrial clients – whether connected or off-grid.

Successful Partnerships

Select AEMP to partner with your business to deliver medium or large scale solar, wind, hybrid, hydro and gas energy projects.

About AEMP

Africa Energy Management Platform (AEMP) develops, finances, constructs and operates primarily renewable and hybrid energy plants for mining and industrial clients across Africa. We design innovative energy solutions that best fit the requirements of operation to provide a stable, cost-effective and reliable power supply that enhances our client’s profitability.

AEMP will build on the 700MW project pipeline created by AREN ENERGY to date and provide the financial capacity to invest in projects and act as an Independent Power Producer. The AREN ENERGY team will continue in AEMP, joined by two new partners with demonstrated mining and business development experience, thereby ensuring continuity in the work that has been done to date.

Energy solutions dedicated to Africa

Whether connected to the grid or entirely self-sustaining, AEMP is able to develop comprehensive energy solutions that aim to enhance the profitability of its mining and industrial clients, while creating value for the host country and communities.

In particular, the hybrid systems we design seek to address the unique challenges encountered by our clients operating off grids. They consist of a combination of baseload (e.g. thermal incl. LFO, HFO and gas) and renewable energy sources that are developed alongside each other to generate cost efficient solutions, with a reduced carbon footprint.

Hybrid energy solutions generate operational cost savings by decreasing fuel and maintenance costs and also provide a hedge against future fuel prices increases.

Creating shared value through a partnership-based approach

We aim to create long-term value for our clients and investors through identifying and managing environmental, social and governance risks and opportunities.

AEMP also seeks to create shared value for all other stakeholders, including communities and the host country, by maximizing the Project’s economic, social and environmental impacts

In the News

March 16th 2018
Essakane Gold Mine
Inauguration of the largest hybrid solar-thermal PV plant in the world at Essakane gold mine, 16th March

Made of close to 130,000 photovoltaic panels, the 15MWp solar power plant complements the existing 57 MW heavy fuel power plant, creating the largest hybrid PV-diesel plant in the world and one of the largest solar facilities in sub-Saharan Africa, proving the feasibility and competitiveness of large scales solar farms for mines. This project was entirely developed, constructed and financed by AEMP and Total Eren.

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